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Welcome to MB Motorcycle Rentals 

Where renting is Easy and Affordable


Our motorcycles are available to drivers 21 and older, who have a valid motorcycle endorsed driver’s license (NOT A PERMIT). Motorcycle Endorsement is Mandatory in the State of South Carolina for motorcycle rentals.

Motorcycles are a unique vehicle and the renter must show the ability to operate it efficiently. All renters are required to purchase insurance from our carrier. Insurance costs are $15/day, which is each 24-hour period of rental time.

For motorcycle renters, you have the choice of adding SLI (Supplemental Liability Insurance) which provides additional liability insurance over the State Statutory limit. SLI provides you with up to $300,000.00 of total excess liability Insurance for damage to other persons or other property for $6.95 per day. All renters are required to sign our liability waiver and rental agreement.

$300 credit card authorization hold is required.

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